Peculiar Places

Peculiar Places

Peculiar Places

North Somerset


According to the dictionary, ‘peculiar’ means “different to what is normal or expected”, or “particular, special”. 

Such qualities sum up our Peculiar Places network, that has a bit of village touring scheme about it, but quite a lot more to boot.  In the mix are gorgeous heritage sites, rural pubs, local businesses, community orchards, village halls, streets and open spaces …. and even the odd small theatre.   Some of the work is ticketed, some is free …. give it a whirl and uncover new theatre experiences and special places,  guaranteed to linger in the mind for that little bit longer.


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Watch this space…


Acrojou on Clevedon Pier in 2016:

All at Sea from Acrojou on Vimeo.


“A thought provoking and extraordinary event at a fantastic venue.”

Audience member on Acrojou’s ‘All at Sea’ on Clevedon Pier