Theatre Shop

Theatre Shop

Theatre Shop

Unit 3, Clevedon Triangle Centre, Clevedon, North Somerset, BS21 6HX

Tel: 01275 400225

Theatre Shop does what it says on the can.  This small but perfectly formed theatre began life as an experiment – a short-term project in an empty shop, with the intention of filling Clevedon’s somewhat unloved town centre with life and laughter.  Two years on, this increasingly popular venue is managed by Theatre Orchard in partnership with Living Spit and the local community, presenting a professional arts programme that showcases some of the very best regional and national talent, and that includes satellite activity at Clevedon Curzon Cinema, Clevedon Pier and Queens Square. Now that’s what you call a Bag for Life.

Local business support is vital to Theatre Shop, and we are very grateful to JS Reakes, Triangle Telecoms and Walton Castle for supporting our 2017 season.


You can’t beat the feeling you get from sharing a space with a live audience and performers. The humanity, the intimacy and the sense of community that come from these shared experiences seem to me be right at the heart of being human. And why should the Big Cities have a monopoly in this? Well of course they shouldn’t and they don’t. Projects such as Theatre Shop thrive because committed and passionate people can work a special magic in small successful communities like Clevedon.”

Peter Lord, Creative Director at Aardman Animations



Theatre Shop – Spring/Summer 2018